No. Our O365 platform does not support email forwarding.

The daily sending limit for your university mailbox account is set at 300 emails. If you exceed this limit, you will be temporarily blocked from sending further emails. Your daily sending limit will automatically reset after 24 hours.

  • Contact IT to ensure that the permission of the intended shared mail box is granted to your personal account.
  • Also ensure that the shared account is added to your existing Outlook Profile.
  • After this, close the Outlook.
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Select "Mail".
  • Choose "Show Profiles".
  • Choose to "Add" a new profile.
  • Name the Profile, preferably the shared email name.
  • You will be prompted to enter Name, Email Address & Password.
  • Enter the name of the shared Mail Box and the actual email address of the shared folder.
  • Leave the password area empty.
  • Click Finish.
  • Now when you open Outlook, it will ask an option to choose between your regular profile and the specific shared profile.
  • Choose the Specific Profile.
  • Now perform the mail merge.
  • The sender email address will be the shared email and not your personal email.
  • This can be repeated for more shared mail boxes if required.

   Yes, you can archive emails using Microsoft Outlook. Outlook provides an archiving feature that allows you to move older emails from your primary mailbox to an archive folder, helping you manage and reduce the size of your mailbox Click here for detailed instructions.

 The maximum attachment size for university emails is typically 24 MB. 

You can access your university email from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply visit and log in with your credentials.

Check your email's trash or deleted items folder first. If the email is not there, contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance with email recovery.

If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately and contact our IT Helpdesk at 3111. They will assist in securing your account.

Yes, you can configure your university email on your mobile device. Instructions for setting up email on various mobile platforms (iOS, Android) can be found here

To reset your university email password, visit [] and follow the prompts to reset your password. You may need to provide some identity verification.

The email storage capacity varies; you can check your email quota in your email settings after login from web (

The faculty & staff can access  university email account by visiting University Email URL and logging in with your university credentials (username and password) and students email can access from

No, you cannot forward your university emails to another address. 


1. Outlook Web App (OWA):

Users can conveniently access shared mailboxes directly from Outlook on the Web. Follow these steps:

Visit in your web browser.

Log in using your own credentials.

Once logged in, locate the mailbox navigation pane.

You will find the shared mailbox listed there. Click on it to access the shared mailbox's contents.

2. Outlook Desktop Client:

The Outlook Desktop Client allows you to set up a profile for accessing shared mailboxes. Here's how to do it:

Launch Outlook Desktop Client.

An automatic profile will be created within your existing user profile.

To access the shared mailbox, you may need to restart Outlook to ensure it appears in your profile.