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Here you can find a series of questions that are commonly asked by users, where you don't have to go through the trouble of searching or contacting.


1. Outlook Web App (OWA):

Users can conveniently access shared mailboxes directly from Outlook on the Web. Follow these steps:

Visit https://mail.kfupm.edu.sa/owa/sharedemailaddress@kfupm.edu.sa in your web browser.

Log in using your own credentials.

Once logged in, locate the mailbox navigation pane.

You will find the shared mailbox listed there. Click on it to access the shared mailbox's contents.

2. Outlook Desktop Client:

The Outlook Desktop Client allows you to set up a profile for accessing shared mailboxes. Here's how to do it:

Launch Outlook Desktop Client.

An automatic profile will be created within your existing user profile.

To access the shared mailbox, you may need to restart Outlook to ensure it appears in your profile.

No, you cannot forward your university emails to another address. 

Your machine is missing patches and not updated. Update your machine.

It happens when you try to use old RDP session file or open KFUPM VPN page in new tab when there is already an existing session forcing the old session to terminate. So, it will fail to connect as session doesn't exists anymore.
Workaround for this problem is to close existing windows and download fresh RDP session file.

You can access your office machine through the VPN Portal as follows.
2. Enter your security code from mobile application. (Your mobile must be registered. If it is not registered earlier)
3. Once you are logged on to KFUPM VPN Portal.
4. Under network section, you will find “IP Address” (You will need to specify your machine IP address manually, if your machine is not joined to domain)
5. A one-time RDP session file will be downloaded. The name would be launchxxxxx.rdp, where xxxx is random code.
6. Execute the downloaded file in previous step and click connect.
• For every session, you are required to download new RDP session file in Step-5.
• Access to office PC is not available for students.

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